P030742_ 5 Bar carton_115g_Front View

Weetabix has teamed with Marvel to create a new range of superhero inspired, HFSS-compliant children’s cereal bars.

The Marvel Oaty Bars, which contain just 3.2g of sugar per bar, less than half the sugar of its nearest competitor, are available in three flavours: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and caramel. The Marvel Oaty Bars will be initially available at Asda, followed by a nationwide grocery and convenience stores rollout.

Weetabix has designed each individual Marvel Oaty Bar to feature one of the 15 top-rated Marvel characters to inspire imaginative play while a QR code on the side of each pack leads children to a Marvel superhero game.

Head of challenger brands at Weetabix Lou Vickers said: “Navigating the challenges of school lunch boxes and acceptable snacks can be daunting for parents. Weetabix has always been a leading brand for HFSS-compliant family products, and this new collaboration with Marvel means we can now fuel the power of play, while assuring parents that they are making not only healthier (Reducing consumption of sodium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle), but also delicious choices for their children.

“Our new Marvel Oaty Bars received an overwhelming 92% approval rating from children expressing a desire for their parents to purchase the bars for them, highlighting an exciting widespread appeal of the products.”