Weetabix has partnered with the English Subbuteo Association.

Aside from fuelling the England squad, Weetabix is providing brand new jerseys, and even a ‘finger physio’ and coach to ensure all players’ digits are in prime flicking condition to give them the best start in winning the tournament.

The England squad will hope to clinch their first victory this September, backed by the Weetabix Advantage.

Alongside the partnership, Weetabix held a social media competition in which Brits could nominate themselves or someone they know who is facing an upcoming challenge or goal they’d like a boost with. Winners will receive the Weetabix Advantage to help reach their goal, with a grand prize of £1,000 and a 72 pack of Weetabix Original.

Head of brand for Weetabix Lorraine Rothwell said: “We at Weetabix are honoured to stand behind the England teams as they gear up for the Subbuteo World Cup. We believe that greatness starts at breakfast. And when you have a Weetabix breakfast, you can tackle whatever’s ahead – big or small. We are passionate about nutritious breakfasts that will set you up for the day – and the English Subbuteo Association will certainly need their Weetabix to hopefully bring home the gold!”

Chairman of the English Subbuteo Association Alan Lee said: “This tournament isn’t just about winning; it’s about representing our shared values and the joy the game brings us. Together, we’ll give it our best shot and make our supporters proud.

“We’re delighted to have Weetabix on board as sponsors and official breakfast partners and we’re hoping their Bix will give us that all important competitive edge.”