Walkers Baked campaign

Walkers has launched a new campaign focusing on the taste of its Baked range.

The campaign will run until mid-November and shows the different items that Britons bake in their ovens every day, from pastry to jacket potatoes, bookended by shots of Walkers Baked being taken out of the oven, and fresh baked crisps making their way into the packet. The slogan of the campaign tells Britons that “when life gives you potatoes, bake crisps”.

It will be supported by a multi-million pound spend on media and contributes towards PepsiCo Positive - PepsiCo’s strategic end-to-end transformation plan with health and sustainability at the centre, which outlines the company’s ambition and dedication to inspiring consumers to make positive choices. The Baked range contributes towards PepsiCo Positive’s ambition for 50% of total snack sales to come from non-HFSS products, or those with portion sizes of 100 calories or less.

Rachael Smith, Walkers senior marketing manager, said: “We know that enjoyment is the number one driver of choice during snacking occasions. Our new taste led campaign taps into this demand, reframing Walkers Baked in consumers’ minds from just being a snack with less fat, to a snack that is delicious and tasty. We are a nation of bakers. We bake for fun, for flavour, for texture, for love and this isn’t any different when we bake our crisps.”