Walkers’ classic flavours have retained their position after the brand hosted its ‘Choose me or Lose me?’ campaign.

The campaign saw the brand’s favourite flavours battle it out against overseas contenders and captured over 770,000 votes.

Over 10 weeks, Salt & Vinegar was pitted against Australia’s Lime & Black Pepper, Prawn Cocktail rivalled Spain’s Paprika, and Smoky Bacon faced the USA’s Bacon & Cheddar. Shoppers voted by purchasing in-store and voting online.

Lisa Nash, Walkers senior marketing manager, at PepsiCo, said: “The campaign was a hit with retailers, generating a 19% uplift in value sales for the core classic flavours (Average 19.3% uplift in value sales of core skus compared to 2016, Nielsen 2/11/17 13.08.16 - 22.10.16), as shoppers voted via the tills. With the core line up regularly bought by a quarter of the UK population (Kantar Worldpanel- 52w/e 23/04/17), it is impressive to see even more shoppers opting for our classics.

“We are thrilled to see how the campaign truly captured the imagination of the public and how passionate consumers were about keeping their favourite flavours, especially through commenting on what losing their favourite flavour would mean to them via social media.”

The campaign ran across single, PMP, grab bag and multipack formats and was supported by television advertising as well as heavy-weight PR, digital and social media activity and support in-store.