York Fruits

Valeo Snack Foods is launching a new look and drastic reduction in plastic for its brand York Fruits. The fruit jelly brand has a new tapered carton pack, updated from its previous flat ‘chocolate box’ style. The new format will offer improved value for money, offering more jellies at a reduced MRRSP.

The packaging redesign has enabled an 83% plastic reduction, part of Valeo’s ongoing programme of sustainability improvements. The carton itself is widely recyclable.

Russell Tanner, marketing director at Valeo Snack Foods, said: “York Fruits is a truly classic brand which has been loved by the nation across all generations for many years, especially around Christmas. This timely update for a well-loved, high quality product ensures that we continue to meet the needs of the modern consumer with a convenient giftable box that delivers value for money.

“We hope to appeal to a new generation of jelly lovers and bring even more people into the category with a well-known brand name to help retailers target new shoppers through the upcoming gifting season and other special moments throughout the year.

“We are continuously looking for ways to ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible, especially with more than one in four consumers saying the environment is a higher priority for them since the Covid-19 outbreak (Mintel, Sugar and Gum Confectionery UK, April 2021). Earlier in the year, Barratt Liquorice Novelties were also given a new look carton to reduce plastic and give consumers better value for money.

Made with natural colours and flavours, fat free and suitable for vegetarians, the new style York Fruits carton is a perfect gift for Christmas and other gifting occasions.

The new look York Fruits Carton (350g, MRRSP £2.50) will be available from wholesalers in September.