Üfit, known for its high protein drinks, has extended into the high protein snacking sector with innovative popped crisps.

The new snacks contain 10g of protein in each 27g bag (rrp £1.25), are high in fibre and contain 70% less fat than traditional crisps.

Recent research from Mintel highlighted that the crisps category is seeing a decline in value sales, while popcorn and savoury snacks are growing 1.6% and 13.9% respectively. This is due to the increasing demand for lower-calorie, healthier snacking options.

Marketing director Terry Adams said: “Üfit products have been positioned to ‘bridge the gap’ between mainstream and everyday health categories and this latest addition will allow the brand to enter the snacking category with a product to cater for the needs of those looking for healthier alternatives to traditionally unhealthy crisps.

“Snacking remains incredibly popular in the UK with 93% of adults snacking over a two-week period, 63% do so once a day or more. However, with recent shifts in attitudes towards general health, consumes are shunning traditional fried crisps in favour of lower-calorie, nutritious options. We believe the Crunchers will fit the needs of these modern health-conscious consumers”

Huw Miller, sales director at Üfit protein commented: ”We are extremely excited about this new piece of innovation and bringing it to market with Holland & Barrett and Ocado as part of their healthy high protein ranges. Üfit Crunchers will undoubtedly attract non-traditional protein shoppers and drive penetration amongst an audience of health-curious snackers.”

The wide-ranging benefits linked to protein has pushed the category into the spotlight with Üfit’s innovation acting as a catalyst to growth. Protein is now one of the fastest growing vitamin and dietary categories in the UK. The latest research from Mintel finds that, outside sports nutrition, 25% of Britons have consumed a high-protein food or drink in Q2 2016.

New products launching with a high-protein claim has increased 97% between 2014 and 2015.

The launch will be supported across a wide range of media platforms including a new social media campaign, city centre sampling and in-store media.