Twinings is repositioning its range of fruit, herbal and green teas with a £10m packaging relaunch due to reach retail and out-of-home environments from November.

The tea supplier aims to promote every day, enjoyable wellbeing with the relaunch in order to galvanise the market and attract a new generation of tea drinkers for whom healthy living is a priority.

Each box now features an outdoor storytelling adventure that will draw out consumers’ fond tea memories.

The infusions blends are packed in distinctive yellow packaging. The brand’s research showed that yellow is linked to positive emotions, such as wellness and aspirational thoughts, and consumers have reported that the sunny packaging was uplifting and made them feel optimistic.

The new packaging also offers consumers easy navigation and a click-lock lid to allow easy opening and a foil interior to keep tea fresh for longer. Tea bags are also packed individually.

This is the first time Twinings has invested in major upgrades to its infusions and green tea packaging in 15 years. Twinings will offer a message in the new packs: “New Packaging, Same Great Taste.”

Twinings will support the new repositioning with a £6.6 million investment, including TV, OOH, digital and sampling campaigns starting in February 2017.

Vicky Keenan, head of brand. said: “Twinings spearheaded the revolution in infusions and green teas, and we want our packaging to reflect our commitment to the enjoyable wellbeing promoted by our tea.

“Twinings has been listening to consumer needs for centuries, and now we can use your feedback to lead big change in the herbal, fruit and green tea categories.”

The previous infusions and green tea relaunch from Twinings brought over 1.4 million new consumers to the brand.