Tic Tac has launched a new ‘Happy Rewards’ on pack offer, rolling out to retailers from May.

The campaign is set to drive loyalty and repeat purchase by offering consumers a range of prizes. Shoppers will be able to accumulate reward points with every purchase of a promotional pack of Tic Tac, and cash-in whenever they want to at www.tictachappy.com.

There are seven tiers of prizes which consumers can redeem their codes on immediately; alternatively points can be saved up for higher value rewards. The campaign is being supported by digital, social, out of home and in-store advertising.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero, said: “Tic Tac is currently the fastest growing sugar confectionery brand in the UK, growing at +13.5%. This promotion is set to bolster that and we know that off-shelf visibility is vital in helping retailers achieve sales. To capitalise on this, we will have a range of POS which will be available to order through our trade website, www.ferrero-trade.co.uk.