Tetra has extended its specialist fish food and pond solutions.

The brand’s new wafer food range includes new ingredients for bottom-feeding aquarium fish.

Pleco veggie wafers contain vitamin-rich courgettes and Pleco algae wafers contain essential Spirulina algae protein.

Both are available in three feeding sizes; 42g, 85g and 150g pouch bags (rrp £3.85, £6.30 and £10.70 respectively).

Tetra’s new WaferMix, for omnivorous bottom fish, contains premium staple food and is available in 68g pouch and a 10g trial pack (rrp £3.85 and 1.90 respectively).

The brand’s CoryShrimp wafers, for corydoras, contain 10% brine shrimp and omega-3 (rrp £3.85 per 42g bag).

Tetra has also extended its line of pond food with the launch of Tetra Natural:

The Tetra Natural Sticks (rrp £4.50 for 1L and £12.50 for 4L) and Natural Mix (rrp £5.50 for 1L) were developed for easy digestion, to help keep clear and clean water and healthy fish.

Tetra Natural Sticks contain 100% high-quality vegetable ingredients including cereal and rich in highly digestible carbohydrates.

Natural Mix contains 100% pure vegetable ingredients in a feeding stick form, with shrimp and minerals, proteins, and dietary fibre.

New pond solutions products include:

Pond Peat and Straw Extract (rrp £9) uses a pure and natural active component to filter out and reduce light penetration for clear water.

Pond WaterStabiliser (rrp £16.49) helps to maintain stable kh and ph.

Tetra has also relaunched its Pond SedimentMinus (rrp £9) which contains special bacteria spores which degrade organic bottom sludge.