Sunbites is launching Nut Mixes, a new range of mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

Available now in a 90g sharing format (rrp £1.99) and single 35g (rrp £1) format the new range taps into the nut segment which is growing at 6% (Nielsen 07.01.17).

The range includes: Nuts & Sun Ripened Raisins, Nuts and Sun Kissed Cranberries, and Crunchy Whole Nuts.

Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo, said: “It is a natural move for Sunbites to launch these exciting new Nut Mixes. The Sunbites brand is known for its great taste and quality and already has a wide appeal. The strength of the brand will help retailers capitalise on the nut snacking trend, enabling them to make the most of their snack sales.”