Starburst is on TV screens for the next 16 weeks with a humorous new campaign starring American singer Michael Bolton.

The activity forms part of the brand’s new multi-million pound communication platform. A pack refresh has also taken place with a bigger, bolder logo, and more colourful design providing optimum stand out on shelf.

Wrigley confections business unit director Matt Austin says: “Starburst is the juiciest sweet out there and one of the ways we make it so ‘Unexplainably Juicy’ is revealed in our new tongue-in-cheek TV ad, which encapsulates everything Starburst stands for – fun and juiciness. Research tells us that our fans enjoy Starburst so much because it makes them feel young again, so to unleash their playful side we are going to make up reasons why Starburst is so juicy, and Michael Bolton ‘Boltonising’ the fruits is just the start.

“Worth £23 million and growing at 2.2% year-on-year, Starburst is a major player in fruit confections with 1.5 million eaten every week. The new TV ad will generate maximum exposure amongst consumers, whilst the revamped packaging will attract their attention in-store, providing retailers with additional sales opportunities.”