Slow Cow mind cooler drink JPEG

Following success in Canada and Scandinavia where it has been dubbed “calm in a can”, the Slow Cow ‘mind cooler’ drink now aims to soothe and focus the minds of UK consumers. Flavoured with dragon fruit and citrus, the drink seeks to reduce stress without causing drowsiness. The “anti-energy” drink is recommended in situations such as before exams, during busy work periods, after physical activity and in the evening after a long day. 

The drink contains six key botanical ingredients: 

  • L-Theanine - an amino acid extracted from green tea, which increases cognition and promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness

  • Chamomile - thought to relieve restlessness, nervous insomnia and inflammation of the digestive tract

  • Valerian - an extract widely used to treat nervous agitation, anxiety and the ensuing sleep disorders

  • Passiflora - known for its calming and antispasmodic properties

  • Linden - renowned for aiding sleep, relieving stress, relaxing nerves, reducing anxiety and preventing muscle spasms.

  • Hops - used as a diuretic and to help tackle sleeping disorders

Mind Cooler is calorie free and doesn’t contain caffeine, preservatives, sugar or taurine. 

The product has an rrp of £1.49 and is available to order from Rayburn Trading.

Howard Goldman, owner of Rayburn Trading said: “We’re excited to bring this product to the UK. It’s already proven extremely popular in Scandinavia, the birthplace of Hygge, and now seems like the perfect time to introduce the Mind Cooler drink to the UK.

“Stress is something everyone has experienced, and, in the UK, it’s unfortunately become a factor in everyday life.  With the pandemic making us more anxious than ever, it’s great to be able to offer a new product that combats stress and helps create calm and relaxation, without putting our health at risk.

“We’re looking forward to getting this product on the shelves and seeing customers benefit from the revolutionary concept of ‘mind-cooling’.”