Royal Unibrew is launching Lemonsoda: a new, natural soft drink made using the juice and zest of Sicilian lemons.

Sold in 330ml cans, the product is made using no artificial colours or flavourings and is also available in a Zero variant, which contains no added sugar.

Neil Lunn, UK trade marketing manager at Royal Unibrew, said: “Lemonsoda is a massive hit with Italians and tourists alike; therefore we are delighted to be bringing the authentic Italian recipe to the British market. The mixture of real Sicilian lemons combined with the refreshing tonic water gives the perfect balance of sweet and sharp. Likewise, the no added sugar variant retains the freshness and thirst-quenching strength of lemonade as a lighter alternative.

”We’re always looking at ways we can develop our product portfolio, particularly when it comes to giving our customers more beverage variety. With a growing demand for premium canned drinks, Lemonsoda is able to deliver a sense of diversity and a vivid, eye-catching design to the highly competitive refrigeration space found in many shops”.

Lemonsoda cans feature black and yellow packaging and are available to retailers in packs of 24.