Nurishment, the UK’s No.1 nutritionally enriched milk drink (IRI 52 w/e 25/02/17), is launching #CanDo, one of its biggest ever brand building campaigns, targeting students and young adults.

Running from late April to October, the campaign will see large, branded fridges being sited in high footfall areas such as university campuses, fashion and leisure hotspots and shopper car parks.

Consumers will be encouraged to approach the fridge and open it with a special passcode. Inside, a camera will record people’s reactions and people will be incentivized to post online what they’re doing with their Nurishment.

The campaign will be backed by a major sales distribution drive, targeting convenience stores within the catchment area. Participating retailers will receive free stock, prize draw kits and a range of branded merchandising.

Nyree Chambers, head of marketing at Grace Foods UK, said: “Nurishment consumers live in the moment and we’re reinforcing Nurishment’s role as the drink for people with a #CanDo attitude.

“The promotion will generate a huge amount of social media content, the space young adults occupy, enabling us to connect with our core consumers in an environment they live and breathe.”

“We’re confident that #CanDo will really engage students and young adults and the increased in-store presence will make Nurishment even more accessible to loyalists and other people looking for a nutritionally-enriched pick-me-up in a tasty, convenient format. Let’s do it!”