Premier Foodsa has recruited a team of 10 field sales representatives focussed specifically on cake-on-the-go within the convenience sector.

The brand also has a team of six experienced individuals, with further recruitment underway, responsible for the sales and marketing of cake-on-the-go across grocery, wholesale and convenience

Premier Foods entered the ‘on-the-go’ market with the launch of twin pack formats from its best-selling Mr Kipling and Cadbury Cakes brands in April. Pre-launch, cake represented only a small proportion of the market, but the brand says the new range is helping retailers drive sales in this area and capitalise on the continual rise of out of home snacking, which is experiencing growth at +1.6% (Kantar).

Sarah O’Neill, head of cake-on-the-go, saids: “With people’s shopping habits evolving, the out of home snacking market is continuing to thrive. Cake has been a small part of this in the past, but we are confident that our new range is a huge opportunity for retailers and the right solution to help them drive sales. We have PoS available, a new field sales team and will also be launching price-marked packs for convenience retailers later this year which all demonstrates our desire to support the range and our retail customers’ needs.”

The launch of the Cake on the Go range continues to be supported by in-store and in-depot activation, in addition to outdoor advertising and an ITV sponsorship from June. Following the initial roll-out, next steps will be to launch Mr Kipling Exceedingly Good Orange, Cranberry and Oat Slices in twin packs.