Pipers Crisps has announced that its complete range of nine flavours is now gluten-free.

Alex Albone, founder of Pipers Crisps, said: “We recognise the increasing importance of healthier eating and the fact that growing numbers of people are choosing to follow a gluten-free diet, either because they are gluten intolerant or suffer from coeliac disease. Almost all of our range was already gluten-free but now, with just a small change to some of our ingredients, we’ve been able to ensure all our crisps now meet this requirement. At the same time, working closely with our flavour partners, we’ve also been able to ensure our crisps are wheat-free and barley-free.”

“This step is not only good news for our consumers; it also gives our retailers an additional selling point as they can now confidently promote the whole range of Pipers Crisps as gluten-free, wheat-free and barley-free products.

”We’ve seen how important this is in the market place with the immediate popularity and high demand for our recently launched Atlas Mountains Wild Thyme & Rosemary flavour which was specifically marketed as gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.”