vital statistics

Dog can24%, Cat pouch21% 
Cat can13%, Dry dog11% 
Dog care & treats10%, Dry cat7% 
Cat litter & deodorants5% 
Single-serve dogs2%, Dog mixer2% 
Luxury cat2% 
Small mammal, fish and bird3% 

Source: IRI independent grocers (convenience) January 2011

Although the market is doing well in the convenience sector, Harding feels that retailers could still get more from the category. “Too often retailers either don’t dedicate enough space to pet care, or if they do they don’t signpost it adequately enough,” he adds. “There’s no point in having a large selection and customers not being able to find it.”

Tessier advises retailers to re-evaluate their range to ensure that they maximise sales. “It is imperative that retailers stock a core range of key best-sellers to truly maximise the sales opportunities this category has to offer,” he says. “Once this core range is tailored to deliver the greatest profit, retailers can look to enhance their sales performance by introducing new lines and promotions.”

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