Perfetti Van Melle has revealed its new Airheads Sour Chupa Chups. 

Each 50g pack of Airheads is priced at 60p and contains bite-sized candies in five sour flavours: apple, blueberry, cherry, lime and orange.

UK trade marketing manager, Mark Roberts, said: “Following the successful introduction of Airheads last year, we are keen to maintain and grow excitement for the brand by providing shoppers with something new. Our consumers are constantly looking for the latest innovation, whether that be from their favourite confectionery products or celebrity idol.

“The launch forms part of our on-going commitment to continue revising our range to ensure we are supplying our loyal consumers with new products, from a brand and format they already know and love. The launch of Airheads last year marked a real change for Chupa Chups, as we entered the chewy/bagged candy market for the first time. With the new sour variant really packing a punch, we can’t wait to see how the UK market responds to our latest offering.”

Introducing a range of new formats to complement the Chupa Chups lollipop has contributed to the brand experiencing growth of 21.7%, adding £1.7m to the overall sugar confectionery category, claimed Perfetti. Airheads Sour has already proven popular in the USA and demand for sour formats in the UK is increasing, giving retailers the opportunity to capitalise on this growing trend and drive incremental sales, added the firm.