Premier Foods will be driving awareness of its premium wet stock product Oxo Stock Pots with a brand new TV advertising creative. Running for 17 weeks, the £3m campaign will highlight the product’s ability to add depth and richness to family meals.

The TV advert shows objects being transformed quickly and simply into meals through the addition of an Oxo Stock Pot. To capture the attention of consumers the ad will show items such as a recorder, plastic ducks and marbles being chopped up and mixed with an Oxo Stock Pot to create a delicious bowl of Minestrone soup, demonstrating its ability to transform everyday meals into family favourites.

Launched in August, Oxo Stock Pots contain a rich flavour base made from a special blend of real meat juices, vegetables, herbs and seasonings and have been designed to be used in a variety of meals including soups, casseroles, risottos, cottage pies, spag bols and stir fries. Available in three flavours – rich beef with onion and rosemary, succulent chicken with garlic and thyme, and garden vegetables with parsley and bay - Oxo Stock pots allow consumers to lift the flavour of their evening meals in a quick and easy way.

Helen Touchais, brand director for flavours and seasonings at Premier Foods, said: “Since its launch in August, early indicators are that Oxo Stock Pots have delivered incremental sales after gaining good distribution. The media campaign will drive additional awareness and consumer sales, so we strongly recommend that retailers ensure visibility of Oxo Stock Pots during the campaign period by creating displays and ensuring 100% availability.”

Oxo Stock Pots are available across grocery, impulse and wholesale channels in packs of four (rrp: £1.45) and eight (rrp: £2.40), with the rich beef and succulent chicken varieties also available in a reduced salt four packs (rrp: £1.45).