Natural pick-me-up drink, Overhang, is being re-modelled for the convenience sector.

Overhang is nowavailable in a smaller 250ml bottle, specifically targeted at purchasers heading to convenience stores.

William Wilkinson, director of Overhang Drinks said: “We are excited to be launching our 250ml variant which we feel will open doors to a new cross section of consumers. We have had some great uptake from convenience stores across the country since Overhang first launched last year and this move sets in stone our commitment to the sector. The lower price which comes with the smaller bottle should be attractive to consumers and we hope it will encourage those who might not have tried Overhang to give it a go.

“The smaller version will also make it more practical to fit in to the fridge sections, allowing those in need of an impulsive Overhang to ‘grab and go’ without the need to chill at home beforehand. As the industry moves away from sugary soft drinks and towards healthier options, we feel that Overhang is the perfect option for consumers in need of a pick-me-up.”

A number of major express supermarket chains and convenience stores have already signed up for the 250ml bottle including Spar and Central Convenience Stores.

Darren Jones, category controller at Spar says said: “We are very excited to be launching Overhang in our SPAR stores. At SPAR we like to work with new suppliers who bring true innovation to the category and we feel Overhang has a unique edge that will add something special to our drinks range!”

Overhang is an all natural premium beverage that was launched in September 2015 by UK start-up, NFSG. Containing ingredients including orange, ginger, lime, milk thistle, burdock root, raspberry leaf, as well as a variety of vitamins and botanicals, Overhang is a revitalising and natural energy drink that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

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