This month sees the launch of gluten and dairy-free Ooh-la-la Tea Biscuits from RHYTHM108.

Following success in Switzerland, the brand which is inspired by the ‘eat real, be real’ ethos, ad looks to cut out artificial and processed ingredients, without compromising on taste.

Redefining the traditional biscuit, each packet is made with all natural, all Organic and nutritious ingredients, like gluten-free whole grain oats, superfood coconut oil and unrefined coconut flower sugar.

The biscuits are packaged in convenient single-serve packets and come in two flavours - Choco Hazelnut and Lemon Ginger, with calorie counts from as little as 124 kcal for 2 biscuits.

The Oh-la-la Tea Biscuits are suitable for those following both gluten and dairy free diets. From the cacao powder to roasted hazelnuts to Sicillian lemon zest, all the flavour and nutrition comes from real ingredients - the biscuits don’t contain flavourings or preservatives, and also provide a hit of fibre.

Founded by Siddhi Mehta, a graduate from Oxford university with a masters in Engineering, said: “More and more, customers looking for healthy snacking options are unwilling to compromise on taste. With our fresh & fun packaging and convenient single-serve packets, we believe our Ooh-la- la Tea Biscuits target all three customer preferences: healthy, wholesome ingredients in line with key trends (gluten free, dairy free, “no nasties”), fabulous taste,and convenient and fun packaging suited to today’s on-the- go lifestyle.”