Following the success of the ‘Your Nutella, Your Way’ personalised jars campaign, Ferrero is introducing six labels carrying different messages. From ‘Thank you’ to ‘Love you’, the new jars will give shoppers the option to personalise beyond names, pushing the brand into token gift territory.

Supported by a £1.1m media investment, the personalisation campaign will be showcased using TV, video on demand, digital and PR.

Last year saw the redemption of nearly 300,000 personalised labels showing the demand for consumers to purchase more tailored products, claims Ferrero.

Ferrero customer development director Levi Boorer, at Ferrero said: “We know that nearly half of our target market describe Nutella as a brand they love. Our upcoming activity is designed to capitalise on this loyalty by giving consumers more of what they want: delicious ways to enjoy Nutella plus the option to make their Nutella jar personal to either themselves or their loved ones.”

The £50.3m brand is also launching a recipe hub on the Nutella website which will offer consumers breakfast recipes. The recipes will communicate the versatility of the product by showing a variety of ways to enjoy Nutella.