Happy Eggs owner Noble Foods is introducing a new brand: Freshlay Golden Yolks, promising eggs with a natural yolk.

Produced on a small collection of family-run farms, free range hens are fed an enriched, wholesome diet containing natural paprika and marigold, which results in the new product’s dark and golden yolk.

Graham Atkinson, Noble Foods agriculture director, explained: “These three farms are some of our most experienced farmers, who always go the extra mile for their hens and have worked closely with us in the development of this special feed.

“Our consumer research revealed that people view the colour of a yolk as the signal of the egg’s quality. We believe we are the first company to achieve the dark golden colour through natural additions to our hens’ diets.”

The eggs will launch in selected Co-op-supplied stores from this month with an rrp of £1.75 for six and £2.20 for 10 mixed weight eggs respectively.