A range of packaged vegetarian Indian snack mixes is entering the UK market for the first time this month. 

Vegit brand, produced by Merino Group, sells halal certified snacks which were previously only sold in the USA and India.

Prakash Lohia, who is spearheading the UK launch of the product range, said the popularity of the product was down to two main factors.

“Customers like the taste and the convenience,” he said. ”The product can be prepared in a tenth of the cooking time and effort whilst retaining the traditional Indian taste.”

Each snack is vegetable based and contains on average less than 4% fat.

When cooking with Vegit, consumers are encouraged to customise meals to their liking by adding ingredients and tailoring as they wish. “Our products are healthy, quick and ready-to-cook. We do however like to give our customers the chance to experiment, this means that the actual cooking element isn’t lost,” adds Prakash. Vegit regularly post recommended recipes on to the website to help customers enrich a dish.

The products will be available from independent grocery stores as well as trade cash and carry outlets.  A supply will also be available to order direct from the Vegit website.

Merino Industries is the largest provider of potato storage and processing facilities in India.