The Laughing Cow aims to put a stop to in-between meal hunger cravings with new Mini Cravings flavours.

Each pack of Mini Cravings (rrp £2) contains 24 cubes, with eight cubes per different flavour. The new flavours include Onion, Goat’s Cheese and Salmon & Dill and replace the original variant. The new mixed flavour pack, in yellow packaging, joins the current Mini Cravings Herb Pack (Garlic & Herbs, Ham & Herbs and Three Cheese pack - in green), as well as the Mini Cravings Cheese pack (Blue cheese, Cheddar and Smoked cheese - in blue) formats. 

Mini Cravings are 14 calories per nibble and designed as snacks to be enjoyed between meals, with female adult snackers the main target demographic. The Laughing Cow will support the release of Mini Cravings with a TV ad throughout spring, created by BAFTA nominated directors Jonny Sabbagh and Will Harper.

Bel UK head of insight Chloe Feminier said: “With 80% of snacking occasions in the UK featuring adults, but 95% of portioned products targeted at children, consumers are desperate for a greater choice of adult snacks in the cheese category. The new Mini Cravings pack delivers a great combination of flavours, and consumers love them. Our research shows that the new pack is likely to be incremental to the existing range, appealing to adventurous palates.

“Pre-Summer is the perfect time to launch this perfectly portioned low-calorie snack, consumers are thinking ahead to summer holidays now, and looking for lighter savoury snacks that deliver on taste without the calories, to stop that craving before their meal.”