Country Choice has created new Pulled Pork and Chicken & Chorizo Bakes - hand-held alternatives to sausage rolls and pasties.

The Pulled Pork Bake has a puff pastry shell dusted with breadcrumb and paprika, and is filled with tomato, pulled pork and onion, in a barbecue sauce.

The Chicken & Chorizo Bake serves up a spicy kick from the filling of tomato, chicken, red and green peppers, chorizo and onion. The puff pastry coat is sprinkled with breadcrumb, parsley and paprika.

Both savouries (174g) are supplied in cases of 36 (rrp £1.79). The products can be baked from frozen in 30 to 40 minutes and can be displayed in the hot cabinet for up to four hours.

For further information on the Country Choice savoury pastries range contact Country Choice on Freephone 0800 521366 or visit