British producer of sausages and meatballs debbie&andrew’s is starting the New Year with the launch of a new look across its premium range packaging.

The new design magnifies the impact of the iconic welly boots, introduces a clearer cross-range signature for its gluten, wheat and dairy free status and clarifies the descriptors for each of the product lines. This involves colour coding each line and emphasising the distinguishing brand features.

Leading packaging design agency FAB Design London led the design.

The new look will be backed with The Quest for the Best campaign which continues to investigate seasonal issues. In the New Year, the Quest for the Best focus will turn to nutrition and well being with a ‘New Year, New You’ project supported by natural chef and blogger Ceri Jones.

debbie&andrew’s spokesman Ian Bagnall said: “We aim to get a flying start to 2016 and give our retailers even more scope for selling debbie&andrew’s sausages. The new pack designs are fully supported with active and engaging marketing activities plus an extensive NPD plan, all of which brings even more dynamism and sales to the category.”