Empire Bespoke Foods is bringing US brand Heavenly Organics’ free-from Cocoa Honeys into the UK.

With a backlash on sugar-laden confectionery and UK consumers increasingly swapping sugar for honey, Empire Bespoke Foods believe British shoppers are ready for the ethical US brand’s unique cocoa-rich alternative to chocolate comprising a disk of non-sweetened cocoa filled with pure wild honey, for healthier & organic snackers alike.

All three Cocoa Honey flavours have a clean ingredient deck; Double Dark contains only organic cocoa and organic honey, Mint contains organic honey, organic cocoa and peppermint oil and Peanut contains organic cocoa, organic honey, peanut and himalayan sea salt.

Cocoa Honey’s (rrp £1.69) are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, suitable for vegetarians and have no added sugar. They are also USDA Organic, Fair for Life, Kosher and Soil Association certified. The cocoa honeys come in eye catching packaging with three bite-size 11g discs in a 33g pack. Cases comprise 16x33g units per SRP.

The raw organic honey is harvested in the untouched forests of central and northern India where the Naxalites (communist guerrilla terrorist groups) have had the most impact on tribal populations. Today, over 650 families are currently employed by Heavenly Organics and a leadership programme is in place, together with classes for children to learn permaculture.

Because the hives are wild, the bees are left free to pollinate away from pesticides and genetically modified crops. The honey contains no anti-biotics and is sustainably sourced through seasonal harvesting over a 3mth period, whereby part of each hive is cut at night when the bees are naturally less active, to avoid unnecessary damage.

For more information on the product range and pricing or how to stock, please contact Empire Bespoke Foods on 0208 537 4080, by email info@empirebespokefoods.com, or visit our website www.empirebespokefoods.com