Caffè Ottavo and Tèespresso have launched a new tea pods range as well as new coffee flavours.

The Tèespresso and Caffè Ottavo pods are compatible in Nespresso machines and come in packs of 10.

The tea pods (£2.75 per pack) include: English Breakfast, Green tea, Earl Grey, Marrakech Mint and Chamomile.

The new flavours of Caffè Ottavo include: Gran Gusto (rrp £2.70), Intensity 7; Intenso (rrp £2.70) tastes of toasted almonds and dark chocolate, Intensity 8; Sublime (rrp £2.70), intensity 5; Decaf (rrp £2.80); and Fortissimo (rrp £2.80), intensity 10

All pods are available to buy online: .