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Pladis has announced the launch of a new £4.5 million campaign for its Jacob’s Mini Cheddars brand.

The ‘Welcome to Cheddar Town’ campaign will run for seven weeks and will be accompanied by amplification on social media. The campaign will also be sponsoring ‘Friday nights in on 4’.

It features an animated land inspired by the Jacob’s Mini Cheddars iconic bright colour-cues and famous sunburst logo. It is centred around the fact that Jacob’s Mini Cheddars are so tasty, even the cheesy characters want to get in on the action and tuck in.

Jacob’s will continue to build on the ‘Welcome to Cheddar Town’ platform through a series of sponsorship creatives and social media assets, which spotlight different products from the popular Jacob’s Mini Cheddars range and, incorporate a variety of cheesy characters – including the brand’s very own cheesy social media influencer – each playing on the brand’s irresistible taste credentials, which simply must be shared.

“This new campaign marks the start of a huge year for Jacob’s Mini Cheddars where we’re aiming to reignite brand love by playing on the distinctive bright and fun nature of the brand with a playful new TV creative,” said Christopher Owen, marketing controller at Pladis UK&I.

“By bringing the brand to life through the characterisation of Jacob’s Mini Cheddars’ signature real-cheese flavours, we’re able to build strong quality and taste associations and land one of Jacob’s Mini Cheddars’ USPs – baked with real cheese.”