Nestlé is updating its Quality Street offering with the addition of a honeycomb crunch impulse bar, priced at 65p, as well as adding a sweet of the same flavour to its twistwraps. The new bar will replace last year’s green and orange bars.

Quality Street cartons, tubs and tins will also benefit from a packaging update, with the reintroduction of the ‘Major and Miss’ to the logo as well as more emphasis on the ‘Since 1936’ message in order to reinforce quality and trust cues. The new design will include a golden colour to emphasise its worth as a gifting solution. What’s more, for the first time the names of all the sweets will be highlighted on the outside of the packaging ensuring consumers can see the variety of sweets inside. Last year’s Quality Street advert will also be returning.

The Smarties Little Choc Penguin and white chocolate Milkybar Polar Bear Cub (both RRP 65p) have a combined retail sales value of £1m, according to the firm. This year, they will be joined by Smarties Penguin in Penguin and Milkybar Polar Bear (both rrp £2.55). The former comprises a baby chocolate penguin within a chocolate penguin, with mini smarties inside, while the Milkybar Polar Bear contains a white chocolate Milkybar cub within.

The company is also releasing Smarties Santa’s Workshop (rrp £4). The gift pack contains six hollow milk chocolate figures, including Santa, reindeer and elves, with mini Smarties inside. Interactive packaging is designed with a ‘make your own mini Christmas tree’ activity.

Finally, the Smarties and Milkybar 3D Activity Packs (rrp £4) contain a chocolate animal, mini Smarties or Milkybars, colouring pencils and an animal picture, which can be coloured in and scanned with a digital device such as a mobile phone or tablet, where consumers will watch it come to life.