Cadbury Dairy Milk_Salted Caramel Tablet Buttons Fingers

A Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) Salted Caramel range, featuring a tablet, Buttons and Fingers, is the latest offering from Mondelez International.

CDM Salted Caramel tablets, (120g, RRP £1.49) contain CDM chocolate with a smooth salted caramel centre. These will build on the success of CDM Caramel small blocks.

CDM Salted Caramel Nibbles, (120g, RRP £1.50, or £1.25 PMP) comprise CDM chocolate, around a soft salted caramel centre. Mondelez claims that CDM Caramel Nibbles are the fourth largest total chocolate share bag.

And CDM Salted Caramel Fingers (114g, RRP £1.85), contain salted caramel flavour chocolate. Flavours are a strong driver of growth for Fingers and are key to recruiting new shoppers, states Mondelez. Flavour variants are responsible for 7.4% growth over a two-year period (Nielsen).

Products containing salted caramel flavour have seen 17% growth over the last two years (Nielsen) and helped to deliver £36m in retail sales (ibid).

The CDM Salted Caramel range taps into this strong growth, as well as the ongoing success of Cadbury Caramel - one of the brand’s best-selling flavours - and the trend toward the big night in opportunity as shoppers look to spend more carefully.

Its arrival follows the successful introduction of Cadbury Wispa Gold Salted Caramel in August 2022.

Christina Bland, Brand Manager for Cadbury, says: “Salted Caramel is incredibly popular with shoppers, and as a flavour is second only to orange in terms of growth over the last two years [Nielsen].

“We’re delighted to bring this popular flavour to the iconic Cadbury Caramel brand to create a salty-sweet combination that is sure to appeal to chocolate shoppers. The three product innovations in the range are ideal for consumers looking for sweet products for big nights in, which are a continually growing opportunity at a time when people are looking to be careful with money but still wanting to enjoy a treat.”

The launch of the Salted Caramel range will be supported by social media, digital marketing and in-store support including POS material.