Molson Coors has announced the results of its ’60 Second Shop’ store makeover competition.

Tying in with the launch of the ‘60 Second Shop’ convenience initiative in late 2015, the competition offered retailers the chance to win one of 60 store makeovers, which took place in March and April this year.

Five lucky retailers from across the UK received the top prize which included an exclusive ‘night in’ POS package, free beer, cider and KP Snacks stock, a free chiller re-lay to ensure shoppers find beer and cider easily, and a front-of-house digital screen to attract shoppers walking past their store. A further 20 and 35 retailers received the second and third tier prizes, including new POS equipment, free stock and a chiller re-lay.

Molson Coors own customer research revealed that 70% of UK shoppers believe the overall look of the beer and cider range in-store influences their opinion of a convenience store’s quality as a whole.

‘60 Second Shop’ is designed to help convenience store owners optimise their outlet to help shoppers find what they need, quicker, and give them more reasons to pop in-store. 

The chosen retailers are already seeing the benefits from their makeovers, with tangible uplifts shown after only four weeks. Jagpal Stores in Burton-Upon-Trent experienced a huge uplift in cider sales of 50%, which breaks down as £200 in sales per week and a strong uplift of beer of 27% at £200 per week. All five retailers who received the top prize, averaged a 50% total beer and cider uplift, working out as an £3,000 revenue a week.

John Singh at Doncaster Costcutter, one of the top five makeover winners, said: “We are extremely happy to be one of the winners of the Molson Coors ‘60 Second Shop’ Makeover competition. Since the makeover, the reaction from customers has been great! Everything is more noticeable and customers tend to go straight to the item they need or want. The support from Molson Coors has been very good and the new layout has helped a lot. Customers notice and the sales are better. They look at it and it’s easier for them to shop. Anything that improves sales is a plus.”

There are three key pillars of ’60 Second Shop’ a retailer can follow in order to best deliver against shoppers’ needs, and consequently help drive sales in-store. These are as follows:

  • · Ease of shop

Today’s busy shoppers don’t have the time to look around - they want to be able to find what they want, quickly and easily. In fact, 71%* of shoppers claim that convenience trips usually grab and go and 74% of shoppers would appreciate anything a store can do to speed up their shop so ‘60 Second Shop’ follows the principles of making product easy to find, easy to choose and easy to buy. Keep shelves stocked up, ensure product is clean and good quality, cold and ready to enjoy – which is vital for the convenience shopper

  • · Value for money

22% of shoppers are encouraged to buy products when they are price marked but value for money is not just about price. ‘60 Second Shop’ advises that the retailer can encourage purchase by enriching the product or the experience through gifts with purchase and stocking the latest on pack promotions

  • · Key occasions

Key calendar dates such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas present a huge opportunity for the convenience sector, as do drinking occasions identified by ’60 Second Shop’ like “quiet nights in” and “get togethers”. With the calendar dates comes the opportunity for retailers to encourage multi-purpose as those events require cross category purchase. In addition to this, drinking occasions offer a solution to a shopper mission, these are to inspire the shopper and encourage impulse purchase

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