Meet the supplier
SUPPLIER: Pilgrims Choice
BACKGROUND: Pilgrims Choice is the UK's second largest Cheddar brand, selling more than 8,600 tonnes and worth more than £50m. The range offers a Cheddar to suit all tastes - mature, vintage extra mature, strong farmhouse and reserve farmhouse.
The company was founded in Kent 20 years ago by dairy expert David Hardisty. He chose the brand name Pilgrims Choice to reflect its Kentish roots, as the Pilgrims Way runs along the North Downs and Pilgrims Choice is part of North Downs Dairy.
In 1989 North Downs Dairy opened a maturing, packing and distribution site at Wincanton, Somerset. The site was chosen for its proximity to some of the country's finest Cheddar farms.
Made on carefully chosen farms and creameries using traditional methods, Pilgrims Choice cheese is naturally matured and monitored by a team of graders who can travel more than 700 miles each week. They ensure it is packed only when perfect to eat.
This year Pilgrims Choice will benefit from TV and press advertising, in-store sampling, as well as more than 2.5 million door drops and in-store floor posters.
RECENT LAUNCHES: Pilgrims Choice Minis, bite-sized Cheddar portions packed in nets of five portions x 20g, ideal as a healthy break time snack or lunchtime addition for kids and adults on the go.
DISTRIBUTION AREA: National distribution through wholesalers, independents and multiples.