Mondelez has merged Maynards and Bassetts to create an adult confectionery brand worth £129m.

All products previously branded either Maynards or Bassetts will be repackaged with a Maynards Bassetts logo and the brand will launch Bertie’s Jelly Mix next month.

Available in 130g (rrp £1.25) and 160g (rrp £1.52) non-pricemarked packs and 130g £1 pricemarked packs, Bertie’s will celebrate the Britishness of the Maynards Bassetts. Jelly sweet shapes will include bow ties, cups and saucers, phone boxes, taxis, rugby balls and Berties.

The launch will be supported by a £4m campaign, including TV, PR, digital and in-store activity.

Mondelez claims that candy segments into two key consumer sectors: Adults (65%) and families (35%).

Senior brand manager for joyful candy Katie Bashford said: “Even though it is the biggest segment, the adult market is in decline so we thought there’s an opportunity to bring them back.

“Maynards and Bassetts are strong British brands that are well loved and evoke a sense of nostalgia. They’ve stood the test of time and consumers have told us they would welcome their revival.

“Our marketing campaign will reawaken interest in these sweets.”