Mars Chocolate UK has created its first TV advert for its Goodness Knows snack bar which launched in the summer.

The new advert is part of the brand’s ‘Done Some Bad? Do Some Good’ campaign, showing consumers that with Goodness Knows you can’t help but do good, as 10% of profits go to a good cause. The creative introduces a modern day villain, Mr Nasty. A larger than life character, he causes chaos through a deluge of dastardly deeds including blowing out someone else’s birthday candles, popping balloons and snipping the heads off some colourful flowers.

His exploits are foiled when he decides to treat himself to a Goodness Knows bar, that supports community projects and local initiatives around the country. When he realises that he has unknowingly done some good by indulging in the portionable treat, he angrily bins the wrapper and storms ahead, ensuring that he plays one last prank.

As well as TV, the campaign will run across YouTube and is part of a £4.6 million campaign to support the brand in its first year of launch.

Michele Oliver, VP of marketing for Mars Chocolate, said: “We were thrilled to launch Mars Chocolate’s first brand in twenty years this summer and it’s even more exciting to see Goodness Knows® on television screens around the country.

“The campaign highlights what Goodness Knows® is all about – providing consumers with a delicious treat that matches their values by spreading a little goodness across local communities across the UK.”

Goodness Knows is available in three varieties: Cranberry & Almond, Blueberry & Almond and Apple, Peanut & Almond. It is made using the best quality ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, creating a great-tasting treat under 160 calories.