The Protein Ball Co. has launched a range of trio packs, for those looking for a healthy, under-100 calorie snack.

Following initiatives by the Government and the Change4Life campaign, which encourages consumers to choose just two under-100 calorie snacks a day, there is pressure on the snacking industry to create products that fit into the new guidance.

With that in mind, The Protein Ball Co. has created a new trio pack which contains three protein balls – half the amount of its standard snack pack – and is designed to help boost energy levels and curb sugar cravings, whilst allowing consumers to be mindful of portion sizes.

The under-100 calories trio packs contain 3.5g of natural protein and are available in four different flavours: goji + coconut (vegan); lemon + pistachio, peanut butter; and cherry bakewell.

Matt Hunt, founder of The Protein Ball Co, said: “We were keen to respond to initiatives such as Change4Life and these new trio packs are perfect as they contain three bite-sized protein balls that help curb sugar cravings and boost energy levels at any time of the day.”

“Our consumers vary from sports people, to parents and office workers, all looking for a healthy snack that fits into daily life. People want to enjoy a protein-rich snack, but many are very high in calories. Our trio packs are under 100 calories so they are the perfect mid-morning, post-gym or afternoon pick-me-up for health conscious, time-poor consumers.”

The Protein Ball Co. trio packs are wheat and gluten-free, made using 100% natural ingredients and with no added sugar. The new products have an rrp of 99p and are available nationwide.