Melbourne-based organic food brand, Loving Earth has brought its range of Fair trade organic chocolates to the UK.

Flavours include: creamy coconut mylk chocolate, raspberry chocolate, hazelnut mylk chocolate, mandarin & gubinge chocolate, and lemon caramel chocolate.

The bars are made from raw cacao and contain no cane sugar, dairy, or preservatives. They are available in 30g (rrp from £1.49) and 80g (from £3.49) pack formats.

The cacao pods grow in the rainforests of Peru and Brazil’s Acre state and are harvested by the Ashaninka growers. The cacao beans travel 50km by canoe before arriving at the nearest road. They are unroasted, meaning the cacao contains double the amount antioxidants found in a standard chocolate bar, and the chocolate is sweetened with organic evaporated coconut nectar, which is naturally low in GI, claims the company. Bars are packaged in compostable film and recycled fibre-board

Founder Scott Fry said: “As a market with a vibrant and ever-evolving health and wellness scene, and a strong consumer conscience - we’re incredibly excited to be expanding the range of Loving Earth products available to consumers in the UK.

“In Loving Earth we believe we’ve developed products that perfectly marry incredible taste and optimal nutrition with a process that truly benefits those involved at every stage - just as trade should do.”