LoSalt has revealed a new brand identity to stimulate incremental growth across the salt category.

aking on board consumer’s feedback, a fresh and contemporary packaging has been developed to attract consumers looking for ways to create healthier food without impacting on taste.

LoSalt contains 66% less sodium than regular salts and it is the sodium in salt which is linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and strokes

Klinge Foods business development manager Mike Lloyd sees this new brand identity stimulating strong new sales for LoSalt: “LoSalt’s friendly and vibrant new packaging – with its colourful food illustrations and recipe suggestions – aims to attract new consumers to try LoSalt whilst inspiring our existing consumers to experiment with LoSalt in all their cooking and baking. We believe in offering consumers a healthy alternative that enhances the flavours of their favourite foods. I’m confident the new look will encourage consumers at all stages of life to use LoSalt every day and so will drive strong new sales into the salt category.”

For more information visit www.losalt.com