The Look-O-Look kids confectionery range has arrived in the UK.

Products include: dynamite sticks, strawberry laces, flying saucers, tongue tattoos, edible paper and candy watches and. All of the sweets can be block displayed on a variety of sizes of stands and are pricemarked at £1. The range will be available through sales and distribution company Impulse Sales Direct.

Chantal Fakkert, export manager for Look-O- Look International B.V. said: “One key to the success of the brand has been that the range is rotated on a regular basis as exciting new items are brought in to maintain strong sales and keep the offer fresh for kids whose confectionery tastes change as fast as their clothes! We believe Look-O-Look has the right mix of products to have something for everybody which means retailers are the big winners too”.

The firm claims that the Look-O-Look confectionery concept of a ‘shop within a shop’ has been successful on the continent and beyond due to its wide range of desirable, high quality sweets. The brand is recognisable by its distinctive ‘eyes’ logo that stands out on all packaging.