Yoplait has announced a 17% sugar reduction in Petits Filous and an increase in vitamin D.

The meaningful sugar reduction will see sugar levels reduced to 9.9g per 100g, well below the current sales weighted average of flavoured yogurts. One serving of Petits Filous (2 x small pots, 94g) will now contain 9.3g sugar and Petits Filous big pot (85g), 8.4g.

The amount of vitamin D in the fromage frais has been increased from 25% to 50% nutrient reference values (NRV) per portion - NRV are guidelines about the amount of vitamins and minerals recommended to be consumed on a daily basis to maintain a healthy diet.

The recipe changes extend across Petits Filous fromage frais small and big pots and will be introduced by the end of November 2016. Further decreases are planned across the portfolio including Frubes.

Yoplait says it is making a significant contribution towards the Government plan to reduce sugar in the category by 20% by 2020.

Richard Williams, marketing director for Yoplait said: “For the past decade we have been gradually lowering the sugar levels in our products to allow consumers to become accustomed to less sweet taste. With the latest recipe formulation, we have been able to go even further with improving the nutrient profile of Petits Filous, by reducing sugar, and increasing the levels of vitamin D from 25% to 50% NRV.

“However, we know our work is not yet done, and we are continuing to work hard to explore further ways to reduce sugar even more; whilst at the same time ensuring our products not only taste great but also maintain our goodness guarantee of using 100% naturally sourced ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.

“Dairy products are an important source of protein and calcium for children and by adding vitamin D to our core range we are helping to build strong bones and reduce vitamin D deficiencies, which are more prevalent in kids today.”