The first harvest of coffee beans planted during the popular Kenco Coffee Vs Gangs project, will be available this month.

The campaign, which kicked off last year, detailed the journey of a group of young people in Honduras who were taught how to grow coffee as an alternative to gang life. Gangs are a constant threat in the country, with many young people left feeling that joining one is the only option for survival.

Last year, Kenco pledged to make a difference. It recruited 20 young at-risk Hondurans and trained them to be coffee farmers with the skills to grow great quality beans. The first students have completed their year-long training and are now building businesses of their own with funding from Kenco.

The coffee planted during the project’s 2015 run has now been harvested and the beans will be used exclusively for the Kenco Coffee Vs Gangs Single Estate beans variant. Dark roasted, the beans are 100 percent Arabica, which creates a well-balanced coffee with a good mixture of smooth sweetness and some fruity acidity. It is available through a range of foodservice distributors throughout the country. To find your local distributor call Jacobs Douwe Egberts on 00800 7272 5331.