KQF, the British halal food manufacturer, has announced the launch of its Kobeda Bites - a range of three oven-ready convenience foods inspired by the first Middle Eastern kebabs.

Available in packs of 15, the new range is a modern take on an old Persian idea. The original Koubideh kebabs were made by pounding lamb or beef on a flat stone and then cooking them either on a skewer or blade. KQF’s new Kobeda Bites preserve the same, slightly flattened shape, they are made with lean, high quality lamb, and the three flavours are based on traditional spice mixes: Lebanese, Turkish and Portuguese-style Peri Peri.

Despite these historic influences, Kobeda Bites are very much designed to suit the needs of modern consumers. In particular, Muslim shoppers are increasingly demanding proven halal credentials so, like all KQF products, the new bites are made only with HMC-certified ingredients.

Weighing a little under 25g each, Kobeda Bites can be cooked from frozen and take just six minutes to heat through under the grill - or two to three minutes in a microwave. 

KQF managing director Faruk Vali said: “Kobeda Bites were always meant to be unusual. We trialled them at the 2016 Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester and we got all sorts of positive comments from people who said they’d seen nothing like them in the shops. There are plenty of ordinary kebabs on the market, but our new Kobeda range is characterised by its shape and by the simplicity of its ingredients.

“We’re effectively taking the dish back to basics: good quality meat, easy preparation and the use of authentic flavours. The flavours themselves might also be considered unusual: two of the blends are quite mild and subtle - certainly not fiery - and this reflects a growing trend we’re seeing amongst younger generations of consumers.”

“We also wanted the new product to be quick, tasty and versatile - good for snacks and starters, and an unusual feature at parties and buffets. We’re pleased with the result, and customers are responding well. The product is now going out to select retailers across the UK and it will also be distributed to some of our regular professional catering clients.”

More information about Kobeda Bites can be found on the KQF website: www.kqf-foods.com