Ethical bottled water brand One has launched a range of juiced waters with no added sugar.

One Juiced Water is being marketed as a healthier alternative to leading juiced water brands with just juice, spring water and a dash of natural flavouring, plus no preservatives, sweeteners or added sugar.

The range comprises three flavours - Raspberry & Apple, Orange & Mango and Cloudy Apple; all in 400ml bottles. 

One marketing director Ian Spooner said: “There’s been a lot of media focus on reducing sugar consumption and consumers are looking for drinks without added sugar. We’re proud to launch a range of drinks that not only offers a healthier proposition to consumers, but has charitable benefits too.”

As with all of the One drinks portfolio; still, sparkling and flavoured waters, profit from the sale of Juiced Water funds clean water projects in some of the world’s poorest communities.

To date One has raised over £14 million, bringing a sustainable supply of safe, clean, drinking water to over three million. The philanthropic business is aiming to change 5 million lives by 2020 through raising £20million.