Country Choice has created new Ja’Patties (rrp £1.59), a range of ready-to-bake spicy Jamaican-style street food bites.

There are three varieties of Ja’Patties to choose from, ranging from mildly spiced to very hot.

Sweet Potato & Coconut is a turmeric-spiced and seasoned Jamaican-style pastry case stuffed with a mild-spiced sweet potato and coconut filling combined with red and green peppers.

Curried Lamb is a mixture of medium-spiced curried minced lamb, onion, peas, potato and tomato, all packed into a vibrant, Jamaican-style pastry seasoned with paprika.

Jerk Chicken is a hot and spicy jerk chicken filling, containing generous chunks of chicken, spring onions, potato and tomato, encased in a curry-seasoned turmeric and coriander leaf Jamaican-style pastry.

All of the hand-held patties weigh 120g and come frozen and ready to bake in just 30-35 minutes at 180°C. Once hot, they have a shelf life of up to four hours in the hot display cabinet. Packed in cases of 36, the patties come with brightly-coloured window bags and labels to maximise impact and prompt sales.