United Biscuits (UB) has launched a new TV advert for its Jacob’s Cracker Crisps.

The advert, which hit consumers’ televisions on April 18, is the third in the series and is part of Jacob’s £15million Crackin’ brand re-launch.

The creative campaign features some of the brand’s hero products lip syncing and dancing with the protagonists – bringing to life the feeling of physical and emotional uplift that comes from eating Jacob’s snacks – a feeling the campaign calls Crackin’.

World renowned director, Gary Freedman, worked on bringing the Jacob’s packs to life through the magic of puppetry, as opposed to CGI, making it more engaging for the audience. This way the duet between group of protagonists and pack felt more real so the actors could engage with the packs directly. This is alongside the musical duet at the core of the ad, serving as the vehicle for bringing the emotional, satisfying element of the Jacob’s Crackin’ rebrand to the forefront.

UB Savoury Biscuits marketing director Ted Linehan said: “We have had a great response to our Jacob’s Cream Crackers and Jacob’s Mini Cheddars TV adverts so far, and hope our third new ad this year for Jacob’s Cracker Crisps is as well received – building on the success since launch for the product, with nearly £12m sales achieved to date in less than a year, and it quickly becoming a favourite within our Savoury portfolio. We can’t wait to continue this success in 2016, and deliver more fun to consumers throughout the year from Jacob’s.”

The £15million Crackin’ campaign is being supported by the savoury-snack maker’s biggest ever multi-media campaign, with in-store, PR, social and digital activity, including launching Jacob’s on Facebook for the first time ever, as well as re-launching the brand’s Twitter channel with the hashtag #CRACKIN.

To view the ads visit https://www.facebook.com/jacobssnacks.