P&G is launching a new seven-strong Herbal Essences Bio Renew brand.

The new range contains anti-oxidants, sea kelp and aloe and is designed to replenish hair after every wash, removing any build-up of free radicals in the hair.

Bio Renew has already been launched in the US, with sales of the Herbel Essences range being boosted by 5% after the launch.

Rachel Zipperian, scientist for Herbal Essences, said: “Our scientists have always been inspired by nature, so it’s exciting to merge natural ingredients with our latest developments in formulation to take these new formulas to the next level.

“The root cause of lacklustre hair is the build-up of free radicals. Through the bio renew blend, we’re able to put some antioxidants back into her hair with a superior product experience with ingredients that replenish hair with every use.”

The bio renew line-up will be available this month and is free of colourants, parabens and gluten. The range includes varieties such as Coconut Milk, Cucumber & Green Tea, Strawberry & Mint and Rosemary & Herbs.