The Hangry Food Company has created a range of fruit and nut bars to add to the healthy on-the-go snacking market.

The word ‘hangry’ was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015, defined as ‘that moment when hunger and anger collide’. 

Hangry bars are a combination of fruit, oats, nuts and seeds hand rolled and cold pressed together for great texture and taste.

Launching with three aptly named 40g bars, Berry The Rage, Cranky Cocoa and Original Nutter, Hangry tackles the all too familiar mid-morning rage and afternoon grump slump.

Vegan friendly, free-from dairy, wheat, refined sugars, syrups, additives and preservatives, Hangry bars meet the demands of today’s growing free-from market and health conscious shoppers.

Hangry bars are made in England and available to retailers at an RRP of £1.50 per bar (inc VAT) in shelf ready boxes of 20.