Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks has introduced two 200g sharing bags for the Choc Nibbles range, priced at £1.

Choc Nibbles have been around for more than thirty years and entertain an all-age following.

The bite-size crunchy, chewy chocolate sweets combine a variety of ingredients including chocolate, caramel, biscuit pieces and nuts. Packed into 200g resealable bags for the first time are Choc Nibbles Original and Choc Nibbles Toffee. The distinctive brown and yellow bags reflect the consistent brand values and should reach a new audience that has not met Choc Nibbles in sweet jars before.

Hancocks purchasing director Jonathan Summerley, said: “Choc Nibbles have always remained extremely popular sold from 3kg jars as our range of five demonstrates. The introduction of resealable bags however should increase the awareness of Choc Nibbles significantly and develop a brand new set of fans. Not everyone chooses to buy sweets from jars and so these very competitively priced 200g bags should prove to be a hit with those that prefer to grab a bagged treat to eat on the go or share with others. Furthermore, Choc Nibbles in both jars and bags offer a strong margin for retailers”.