Luxury Easter eggs boxed in a bright array of colours

Source: Hames Chocolates

Lincolnshire-based Hames Chocolates has introduced a five-strong range of luxury eggs, each containing different flavoured treats. The 240g eggs are made of thickly moulded chocolate and have an rrp of £12.50.

The range comprises: 

  • Vegan creamy chocolate egg with honeycomb chocolate bunnies (yellow box)

  • Vegan dark chocolate egg containing raspberry creams (pink box)

  • Milk chocolate egg containing salted caramel crowns (aqua box)

  • Milk chocolate egg containing blood orange truffles (orange box)

  • Milk and white chocolate egg containing gin and tonic truffles (green box)

Designed to appeal to the increasing number of consumers who are looking to buy eco-friendly products as a result of Covid-19, the range’s packaging is either recyclable, reusable or compostable. It is also made with sustainably grown cocoa from Cocoa Horizons and the milk in the milk chocolate comes from cows who graze in British meadows.

Director of Hames Chocolates Carol Oldbury explains: “The range taps into the ongoing trend for environmentally-friendly products, as living sustainably continues to be high on the consumer agenda during the pandemic. 

“We also know that good food is often a form of escapism for many and chocolate is no different. Therefore, the Hames Chocolates Easter Egg range offers a variety of unusual flavours for consumers to enjoy, such as gin and tonic, salted caramel and blood orange.”

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